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Once you see designer and artist Hiroyuki-Mitsume Takahashiʼs unique and colorful work, it is hard to forget it.
In addition to graphic design for posters, illustrations and the like, he handles all stages of the creative process, from planning to the designing of apparel and other merchandises by himself. His live-performances are diverse in nature, custom-fit to the venue and theme, such as his live-painting events using acrylics, brushes and spray paints, and his digital painting performances where he livens up a venue with a single laptop. He continues to put out work that leaves a lasting impression on people.
He is also active internationally with performances lined-up in the United States and South Korea.
In 2017, he was selected as the second Japanese artist for Adobe Remix, a project for creators to remix the logo for Adobe Systems, which provides applications such as Illustrator and Photoshop to people worldwide. Takahashi released Adobe Remix project
on April 26th. In the same month, his merchandise collaboration with apparel brand “Kansai Yamamoto” was newly released.
This September, he was the main guest artist at the J-POP SUMMIT 2017 held in San Francisco, USA with the official poster design featuring his illustrations inspired by the festival theme.
In 2018, he appeared at an Olympic event held in Paris. And in Thailand and Malaysia Performed as a guest artist at “JAPAN EXPO”. In addition, the first sofubi in the United States Released at "Designer Con".
He is very active in Japan and abroad!



ポスターやイラストなどのグラフィックデザインだけでなく、アパレルやグッズの企画からデザインまで1人で 創りだす。更に、イベントでは絵具やペンキ、スプレーなどを使ったリアルなライブペイントや、PC1つで会場を 魅了するデジタルペイントまで様々なパフォーマンスが可能。見る人の心に残る作品を提供し続ける。
2017年は、”Illustrator”や”Photoshop”などのアプリケーションを全世界に提供しているAdobe Systemsのロゴを クリエイターがリミックスする企画「Adobe Remix」に日本2人目で採用。現在、Webにて公開中。 また、4月からアパレルブランド「Kansai Yamamoto」とのコラボ商品を発売。7月からテレビ東京で放送中の 「東京アイドル戦線」の番組イラストデザインを手がける。さらに、9月には、アメリカ サンフランシスコで 行われた「J-POP SUMMIT 2017」にて、メインビジュアル、アートディレクションを担当。 2018年は、パリで開催されたオリンピックイベントに出演。そして、タイ、マレーシアで行われた「JAPAN EXPO」にゲストアーティストとしてパフォーマンスを披露。また、自身初となるソフビをアメリカで 行われた「Designer Con」で発売するなど、国内外に渡り大活躍!

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